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Sherelle Louis


Sherelle is an acclaimed facialist with 23 years hands on experience She has been working with Linda Meredith for over 10 years becoming not only a great facialist she is now the Head International Trainer 

Relaxing Environment


Sherelle is able to provide you with a professional and highly knowledgeable skin consultation enabling her to choose the right treatment specifically tailored to your skin

High-Quality Products


The most effective home care products are carefully selected to suit your skins needs which contribute to maintaining high levels of hydration and essentially carrying out a monthly skin analysis

Why choose Sherelle Louis

We as a company are constantly researching the ever evolving knowledge about our amazing skin. In order to create better results, we use exceptional natural ingredients to achieve the best looking skin that we have graciously been given. The company has recognised a huge issue with the skins tolerance levels due to our modern lifestyle, and environment. Toxins such as chemicals and preservatives as well as hormones, diet, and stress are the cause of the skins concerns today. Sherelle is able to carry out a skin analysis to help deal with the problems outlined alongside using Linda Meredith skin care range which was developed to deal with skin problems and not skin types. Skin types are clearly there but now overlap each other, meaning existing methods no longer work. Therefore the concept of  layering your products to deal with each skin concern at one time was created. Your skin will be left looking and feeling fresh with a clear and glowing complexion

All of the facials are designed for women and men addressing the following concerns, whilst maintaining optimum hydration levels; deep cleansing, anti-ageing, firming, acne concerns, brightening pigmentation, and calming redness

Sherelle Louis is a caring and committed facialist who will provide you with a professional and advanced service in complete confidentiality.

All treatments are carried out to the highest standard

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A top leading british facial brand now here on the french riviera


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Sherelle Louis



Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM–6PM